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Here is a copy of your Self-Love Survival Guide for you.  And, below is a full chapter accompanying this from my book Loving Yourself Inside & Out, which you can check out here.


Self-Love Survival Guide

Consciously creating change is also all about recognising when something isn’t working and knowing how to consciously change it into something that is.

In my last book, Cleanse – A Holistic Detox Program For Mind, Body & Soul I talked about my Feeling Blue List.  It’s such an easy thing to do and has now assisted lots of people I’ve worked with to understand when they have lost their way and how to find their way back.  The Self-Love Survival Guide is my new improved version of the Feeling Blue List, with a new softer and more positive name! YAY!

We both know that when we are in a bad headspace we will convince ourselves that we have tried everything within our power to change it.  That we have been eating well, meditating, being grateful and a whole heap of other things.  When in-fact, if we were honest with ourselves and not trying to play mind-games with ourselves we probably haven’t.  We may have sat down to meditate, but in fact we were simply listing all the crappy things happening at that moment.  It’s so easy for things to slip and us not to realise why they have.  When we are feeling good we often forget to do all the things we know help us both mentally and physically.  And, then when we are not so good stuff starts to build up and we are less prepared for it and before we know it, we are totally consumed by the negativity of whatever is happening to us.  Then, every time, without fail, we will convince ourselves we have done everything we should/could be doing to resolve this.

One day after I has been feeling pretty crappy again I asked myself what I could do to break this habit and it suddenly dawned on me something as simple as a short list was what I could do.  So I did it!

My list has evolved over the time I have been using it and I have a version saved to my laptop and on my phone, so I always have easy access to it in times of need.  And, I’m telling you it really, really works!

So, what you need to do (in a good frame of mind) to create such a list is to get a piece of A4 paper and draw two lines down it, to create three columns.  At the top of the first column write ‘What Nurtures’ and at the top of the middle one write ‘Naughty Notes’ and at the top of the last one write ‘Conscious Change’.  Then in the first column write a list of all the things you know assist your health, happiness and harmony. These may be things you have tried in the past, or things like take a bath, meditate, get out in nature or they may be some of the things from this book that resonate with you.  Then, in the second column consider ways in which you can get through to your not so emotionally strong self that you may not be doing the things on the list.  Put the list in order of things that work for you and then you can work your way down as and when you need to.  Then, in the last column, write down how you are going conscious make sure these things start to happen for your health, happiness and harmony.

You will notice from my list that I wrote meditating down and then next to it I have asked myself if I am REALLY meditating or am I just trying to convince myself I am and have really been sat here listing everything that’s rubbish right now or making a shopping list in my head.  You need to be honest with yourself and you need to keep updating and referring to the list as and when you need to.  It’s surprising how many wonderful things we stop doing for ourselves, simply because we get out of the habit of it.

Here’s my current Self-love Survival Guide to give you an idea of how to fill your own out


Self -Love Survival Guide
What Nurtures? Naughty Notes Conscious Change
Are you Meditating? Really? Meditate for 20mins every morning
From a place of nourishment or from a place of trying to fix, change or improve? Do a 3 min meditation at lunch
Perhaps you need to change your meditation? Meditate when I cannot sleep at night
Have you convinced yourself this doesn’t work, when you know it does Faith?
You know your enough don’t you Faith? If you don’t then use this as an invitation to resolve that feeling & return to your heart Feel into these feelings right now and see what they are inviting you to be more of
You know this is happening for you Faith? It’s a redirection not a rejection What’s the gift here?
Are you listening to your body? Really? What is your body telling you?
Or are you just creating a list of ailments? Where’s your thinking gone?
Are you seeing the ailments as invitations to resolve an imbalance? What is your body inviting you to become in harmony with?
Have you tried accepting this? Accepting allows you to let go of the conflict If you cannot change it, can you accept it?
Are you caught up in the story? It’s often your thinking that is the problem, not the actual problem anymore Let the story / the thinking go then
Where are you hanging out at the moment? Head or Heart? Set reminders to hang our in heart more and do more heart centered meditations
Are willing to experience everything? Or are you trying to fix, change or improve? Feel all the feelings, even the percieved bad, then you’ll feel the good even more
Conflict causes dis-ease you know Faith!!
Have you tried letting go of this? Ask yourself ‘can I let go of this now’ Breath and let it go!
Are you tapping? On what you are already internalizing or on what you think is wrong? Tap on the raw emotions Faith, unedited!
Go on you know it works!
Are you listening to upbeat music daily? Or is it the same old songs on the radio? Listen to happy music when getting ready each morning
Are the songs slightly depressive?
Are you watching and reading inspiring/empowering stuff? Have an inspiring movie day! Watch at least 2 inspiring things a week
Have you taken yourself on a mini adventure recently? Why not, you know you love them and they nurture you? Go on one right now and schedule 3 a week in from now on
Now consciously create the change, but scheduling this in!


I have found, time and time again, that no matter how determined and inspired we are, unless we get our thoughts, plans and actions out of our heads and on to paper things often do not happen.  So, let’s start with the self-love survival guide and so it allows us to be in a better frame of mind for the rest.

Below is a template of a the self-love survival guide for you.  Copy it, print it out, fill it in and save it wherever you feel would best benefit you when you are feeling a little low.


Self -Love Survival Guide
What Nurtures? Naughty Notes Conscious Change
Now consciously create the change, but scheduling this in!


Here I wanted to add a little bit about slowing down.  Yes It’s good to consciously create change and to create your self-love survival guide, but remember to add to both of these ‘down-time’.  Everything on the planet needs a reboot occasionally. Technology obviously, but just as much humans do as well.  If you do not put aside ‘rebooting’ time then ife will add it in for you.  This could be in the form of a bad headache, a cold or a bad back.  Have you ever noticed that all of those things come at the most inconvenient times, when you simply do not have the time for them?  But, they are usually so bad you have no choice but to take some time out and reboot.  So, why not schedule this time in yourself before life does it for you?

It’s in the down-time that we get inspiration, find our way around obstacles, recharge, re-energize and indeed reboot.  We also stop long enough to take our ‘busy beauty blinkers’ off and notice the pure joy, beauty and life around us, that we often don’t notice in our day to day lives.  Life is magical, beautiful and expansive, if we allow ourselves to view it with a heart wide open, which can more easily be down, when we slow life down a little.

When we slow down, sometimes way down, that’s when we rise up and see the beauty that is all around us, the beauty that is always around us.  And if we slow down even more, then we start to see the beauty that is in us – the preciousness, worth and value that was there all along – Lori Cash Richards


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