The Freedom Movement came from many years of darkness, not knowing where to turn, not thinking anyone else understood and feeling totally alone.

I tried literally everything to change my life, my health and my happiness levels.  Constantly searching, seeking and wishing for something to change.  This conflict with myself and my life kept me stuck, isolated ill and depressed.  But I learnt to make friends with my thoughts and stop fighting my body and life. And, now teach others to do the same.

The Freedom Movement offers you these teachings in an easy to use, affordable and interactive way from the comfort of your own home. One where you’ll get the support, guidance and lessons to finding your own freedom. There will be inspiration when you need it and to keep you going when times are tough.

Your Freedom Movement membership gives you…

  • 2 live online group sessions per month (one coaching session and one healing session)
  • Access to all archieved sessions for the full length of your membership
  • Regular, live, guest speakers / workshops / interviews
  • Access to online tailor made Freedom Movement tapping, meditation & yoga sessions
  • A private forum on The Freedom Movement website for members only
  • Regular discounts on new products and coaching sessions

You will receive all this and ongoing support and guidance through the sessions and forum for just £20.00 a month (fee for the first month), saving hundreds of pounds in one to one coaching sessions.

I know how hard is to keep searching for the next new thing that’s going to ‘fix’ you and I know this concept just doesn’t work also.  The Freedom Movement teaches allows us you to make friends with your thoughts, body and life and live with abundance, vitality and love.


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